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The New Future Pro Tour

2015 FPT Classic Championship venue set - with $25,000 big fish bounty offered

FPTClassicShield4SACRAMENTO, Ca. - From its inception, the Future Pro Tour has made a point of presenting its anglers with challenges designed specifically to help them develop their bass fishing skills in a fun yet competitive environment.

From the very first FPT Classic in 2003, which saw qualifiers compete in a “split venue” format on Folsom Lake on the first day, and the Cal Delta on the final day, FPT anglers have come to expect the unexpected, which for many, has done much to help prepare them for “next level” competition. And the 2015 Coors Light Future Pro Tour Classic surely will not disappoint, as it is pleased to announce what may be the most challenging and exciting Classic event ever.

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CoorsLightAOYSquareCentral valley anglers participating in the 2015 Coors Light Future Pro Tour have much to be proud of.

From the opening bell at a wind-blown New Melones, to the maze of twists and turns they had to navigate through at the closing event on the California delta, this group of motherlode area competitors showed up in big numbers – all year long, averaging an impressive 80 boat field average for the year, making this year participation levels far and away the highest count since the FPT made its way to the central valley area.


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Just like you would never want to be caught in the middle of a gun fight with only a feather duster in your hand, you surely don’t want to be caught in the heat of battle at the upcoming Ultimate Frog Challenge – “Battle of the Frogs” event without the proper weapons to help you win the day.

To that end, any team that signs up for the Ultimate Frog Challenge event before July 13th, will receive the opportunity to win one of TEN Ultimate Frog Challenge custom Plano "Battle Boxes" containing  SIX DIFFERENT BRANDS of top water frogs in it, along with special replacement EWG Gamakatsu frog hooks!

Frogs included in the Ultimate Frog Challenge “Battle Box” will be:




Aidan Lesieur - The new kid in town...and on a mission

AidanDadREDUXIn today’s world it is not uncommon for kids to spend all day looking into some type of video screen of fast moving images, fixated, and seeming to be totally detached from the entire world around them.

After all, what could be better to fill a day than to watch the latest group of Avengers take on the latest group of super-villains, or reaching Level 17 in latest version of “Zombie Mania” via a Play Station monitor?








CASH BOUNTY - R2Sea puts and extra $1,300 in your pocket!

WantedPosterBlueBackThe opportunity to make even more money for your efforts at the upcoming 2015 Ultimate Frog Challenge just got better as River2Sea purveyors of the finest top water frog baits available has offered a $1,000 bounty for the winning Pro Division team and $300 to the winning Am Division team in the competition that shows proof of purchase buying two River2Sea frogs between July 14th and July 24th!

This unique event that provides anglers with the opportunity to use ANY BRAND of top water frog they choose, and River2Sea frogs are certainly one of the baits that has a good chance of taking home the award for “Top Frog” of the competition.



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